Our Security Spotlight features information about current scams, provides tips to protect yourself from fraud attacks, and offers steps you should take should you fall victim to fraud. In this edition of Security Spotlight, we're going to focus on some of the scams going around that are Coronavirus related, as well as some tips to prevent falling victim to them.

  • Looking for a job scam - With thousands of people across the country out of work, many scams are surfacing for fake "work from home jobs". These scams hope to gain access to your personal information during an on-boarding routine for a job that doesn't actually exist. Some of these fake jobs go as far as asking you to pay an advance prior to "working." Before applying for any job online, do your due diligence and look up the company and job you are interested in prior to submitting any information. For more information about this scam, click here
  • Stimulus check scam - One thing to know about the stimulus checks is that the IRS will not contact you about your check. You will not receive a call asking for your social security number, bank account confirmations, or any other personal information. If you have already filed your 2018 and 2019 taxes, your money will come to you automatically using the information you provided previously as your preferred tax method. Multiple scams involving email and phone calls asking for "more information" are happening in an effort for scammers to get your stimulus money. Never trust an outside source contacting you about your stimulus money. To learn more about stimulus checks and check the status of your personal refund, click here.
  • Fake COVID-19 vaccines - Currently there is no known vaccine or cure for the COVID-19 virus. Unfortunately, there are scams going around claiming to sell a vaccine and even test kits to unsuspecting victims. Official test kits are not available for the general public and can only be accessed by certified health professionals. There are also several charities and fundraisers looking for donations to help fund the research for a vaccine. These are fake and scammers are looking to steal your money and/or personal information. If you are considering making a donation, please consider donating to your local hospital or healthcare system. For more information please click here.
  1. Don't trust unfamiliar sources - The easiest way to prevent being scammed is avoid contact with any source you don't recognize. Even sources you know, can have fake representatives posing as them. Use caution anytime someone is asking for personal information or money.

  2. Don't give out personal information over the phone or by email - If you receive an email asking for money or personal information, do not click any links or reply. If you receive a call asking for social security numbers or bank information, hang up. If it doesn't feel right, back out before it's too late.

  3. Have a second set of eyes look it over - It's easy to get invested in a cause or have the media pull on our heartstrings. Before making any decisions on purchases or donations, consider having another person look over the content. Sometimes a second set of eyes can find something you were missing the first time around.

  4. Call immediately if you suspect you're a victim of fraud - If you think you've fallen prey or victim to a scam, one of the first steps to follow is contacting your financial institution(s) and proper law enforcement agencies to make them aware. Once you notify your financial institution your accounts will be shut down and steps will be taken to prevent against continued and/or future loss.

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